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Handcrafted by Jackson with care & attention to detail using the finest materials. 


Made intentionally using a mandela inspired composition. By using an array of solid coloured fabrics in this pattern and carefully playing them gives an ombre and optical illusion of playful shapes, movements and depth to an emerging 3d shape subtly pushing towards you. The contrast aqua light and mid tone blues centres the shape and gives a soft halo, further emphasising the centre feature of the quilt. The main feature sits comfortably on a mid tone grey background, bound in a dark grey to frame this award winning quilt.


Quilted to further emphasise the various shapes within the mandela, leading the eye within and towards the points of the mandela.  Repeating triangle points subtly pushed the main feature from the background fabric, followed by a high dense stitching flowing to larger organic swirls to the border.


  • Quilt measurements approx 75” L x 75” W (190cm L x 190cm W)

  • Quilt fabrics 100% Cotton

  • Quilt batting (middle layer) 60% wool / 35% Cotton / 5% Poly

  • Threads used: Polyester & Cotton

Fairy floss quilt

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