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Longarm Quilting Services

With House of Jackson longarm quilting services, you can finish your quilts more easily by taking the stress out of the quilting process. We also offer edge-to-edge, automated custom, and hand guided custom quilting along with quilt trimming and binding.

Edge to Edge

Edge to edge quilting is a single design stitched out that covers the entire quilt top. house of Jackson uses the most current automated quilting software to bring accuracy & attention to detail within the quilting. designs can be very light & minimal to intricate, the design repeats. each row from the top to the bottom of the quilt.


below is a diagram showing the difference between the various density options available a wide variety of patterns are available to suit any quilt from various designers including House of Jackson original designs

Open low Density

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 7.45.54 pm.png

A great option for lounge quilts, baby quilts or anything that you want to have a snuggly finish. This style works best when the patchwork is simple or has a large scale patchwork patterns as it needs less reinforcing than tiny or intricate patchwork designs. Not ideal for an heirloom project because the low level of quilting means that the quilt will not withstand as much wear and washing. Open low density offers continuous patterns such as stipple and loop designs.

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Medium Density

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 7.46.07 pm.png

Medium density quilting is the most common style as it is a compromise between quilt softness and durability. Most quilts have enough seams that medium quilting is advisable over open quilting, to extend the life of the quilt. This style of quilting can also be used to follow the flow of your fabrics or blocks, allowing the quilting to become a part of the overall design. Medium density offers designs that can be textural, leafy, romantic or floral inspired.

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Low Density

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 7.46.00 pm.png

This quilting option has all of the same attributes as Open Low Density quilting, but with the added appeal of being a little more decorative. It is a great option to achieve a modern and minimalistic finish to your project. Again this density is not ideal for heirloom quilt projects, small pieced designs or for project that will require a higher level of laundering. The quilting designs can be large swirls, loops, or floral motifs.

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High Density

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 7.46.17 pm.png

When quilting lines are quite close together, you have dense quilting. It tends to photograph beautifully and gives a quilt that crinkly, textured look. High density quilting in modern designs can easily fade into the background when viewing patchwork, because it often creates more of a texture or mood than a very bold pattern. High density is perfect for bed quilts as it creates a more durable finished project.

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Basic custom

 basic custom is minimal low-fuss quilting in backgrounds of blocks, sashing and boarders using freehand & automated quilting to achieve the best results, making your quilt come to life by adding intent to blocks and boarders in your quilt.



Advanced custom is detailed quilting in backgrounds of blocks, ditch stitching blocks, sashing and boarders using freehand and automated quilting to achieve the best results, making your quilt come to life by adding intent to blocks and boarders in your quilt.


Project pricing is based off the quilts square foot measurement, you can calculate your square footage by multiplying your quilts width and height.

" W x " H = Sq Inches

Square inches divide by 144 = Sq Foot 


Open low density $3.50 / Sq foot

Low density $3.85 / Sq foot

Medium density $4.85 / Sq foot

High density $6.35 / Sq foot

Basic custom $10.50 / Sq foot*


Advanced custom $16.50 / Sq foot*

Contact Jackson for a list of accepted wadding

options, not all kinds are suitable.



*Subject to quote.

Pricing advertised valid till 01.12.2023

Bellow is the quilting calculator to assist you with working out the price for your quilt.

Simply enter your quilts measurements & select the density you wish to have your quilt quilted with.

Above is a price estimate* based on the information you entered This price may be subject to change


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