Quilting Services by HoJ

House of Jackson longarm quilting Services makes finishing your quilt more achievable by taking the stress out of quilting. With a fast 1 to 2 week turn around*


House of Jackson offers custom quilting and edge to edge in various density options to fit your needs along with a binding Service upon request 

Edge to Edge (E2E

 Edge to Edge quilting is a single design stitched out that covers the entire quilt top using the latest in automated quilting software to bring accuracy & attention to detail within the design. Designs can be very light & minimal to very intricate, the Design repeats each row from the top to the bottom of the quilt.

A wide variety of patterns are available to suit any quilt from various designers including House of Jackson original designs.

Basic Custom

Basic custom is minimal low-fuss quilting in backgrounds of blocks, sashing and boarders using free-hand & automated quilting to achieve the best results, making your quilt come to life by adding intent to blocks and boarders in your quilt.


House of Jackson only use the best in threads with a large selection of colours in both solid & variegated in various thread types including 100% Cotton, polyester , and polyester Cotton blends. (Variegated threads +$0.15/square foot)


Low density $3.5 / square  foot

Medium density $4.5 / square foot

High density $6/ square foot

Basic custom from $9 / Square foot

variegated thread + $0.15 / square foot

Calculating the size 


Start by measuring your quilts length & width in inches 


Now Simply multiply the length & width then divide the sum by 144 to calculate the total square foot



My quilt measures 60” x 72”


60 x 72 = 4320 square inches


4320 ÷ 144 = 30 square foot 


30 x $3.50 = $105 

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*1 to 2 week turn around may take longer if a selected thread isn't available or postage delays, however you will be notified if this is to occur & house of Jackson will do the absolute best to provide a prompt service