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Create your very own Book cover / project cover / thread holder with this easy to assemble kit. 

Finished Size: 
Closed 19cms x 23cms. Mesh bag 35cms x 21cms 
Fits an A5 Notebook, up to 22cms x 18cms 
Kit includes: 

• Simple instructions to make your book cover/project cover/thread holder 
• Pre-cut felt base (with 2 pocket zippered mesh bag) 
• Leather snap closure 
• elastic 
• Pins, Needles and Key Tag 
many people have asked why that name, and it is because as with many of aster and Anne products , they can be used in Manny different ways. With this one, you can simply embellish it for a notebook/diary cover, placing the extra felt pieces where you want them, they are big enough to hold business cards, the elastic can be stitched in and used as a pen/ pencil holder, whether you use the zippered mesh bag is up to you. For a project bag, you have options of putting the extra felt where you want them, they can become holders for needles or pockets for scissors, the elastic can again be stitch where you want or not at all, it’s up to you to be creative. And, of course the zippered mesh bag has been designed to hold your thread or your projects. Holds up to 40 Sue Spargo Wonderfull threads.

Book cover / project bag felt kit Aster and Anne


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