Day 7 - Embellishing - 12 days of inspiration

Hello and welcome back to the 12 days of inspiration! I can’t believe today marks 7 days since launching my new look site and is also day 7 to the 12 days of inspiration, in todays blog post l’ll be sharing some photos from 3 projects of mine where I have embellished to add additional interest, I hope todays blog post will inspire you to explore with embellishing. First lets take a look at the Aster & Anne Rory Satchel.

I made this bag from a lovely Aster & Anne pre cut felt kit and decided to embelish the bag with some free motion quilting in various variegated colours the thread I used was Wonderfill tutti, when stitching I went over the same line of stitching multiple time to add a nice effect and allow the thread to stand out more against the grey background, once I was happy with my embellishing I then assembled the bag, witch was quiet quick & Easy just like all the aster and Aster & Anne Kits

The next project that I’ve embellished I wish to show you today is another Aster & Anne kit again just like before I used the Rory satchel as my canvas, this time however I chose to embellish with decorative stitches on my machine along with some lovely appliqué using batik Fabrics.

I started by cutting out 10 lovely circles all the same size with fusible web on the back using the Nested Circles then fusing them to the bag and orderly layout, as you can see on the front once I chose my fabrics and was happy with their placement, I then cut some larger circles from the same fabrics placing them on the back of the bag

Now my appliqués were on the bag body it was then time to choose my threads to use for all the decorating stitching, I matched a different Wonderfill tutti with for each colour of circle on the front. you may also notice I have used a different decorative stitch around each circle then used the same stitch & thread to do a series of decorative stitching in a strait line above the circles I had previously appliquéd, I also added some decorative stitching on the sides and back of the bag around the larger circles.

For the inner front of the bag I decided to use the rainbow of threads and do a tight zigzag stitch with the maximum stitch width to achieve a nice decorative bar of colour mixed nicely with a triple stitch to separate the intense colours featured in the lovely variegated threads.

once I was happy with how it was looking and felt that i ready to assemble the bag I attached the fasteners & straps included in the Aster & Anne Rory Satchel I love the finished bag and really enjoyed making this creation not only was it easy but fun and was great to see all the different decorative stitches my machine has to offer too!

This brings me to the last project to show you today. this project is a Diary cover I have embellished using the fabric as my main inspiration. The embellishment is quite different to how I embellish other projects, I started with a lovely circle fabric becoming inspired by the organic shapes and decided to add some free motion couching in different colours & textures to add interest and dimension

After deciding on how I was going to embellish the fabric the next challenge was deciding on a project to make, after a bit of though a diary cover was the most fitting project! I started by drawing a rough pattern allowing extra room to embellish that would eventually be trimmed off. after drafting the pattern I pieces the diary cover front with a small snippet of the fabric id been inspired by I chose to only have a small price to allow myself go off the edge a little but also to play with the bank background ad really get creative.

Once I was happy with how the front was looking I started embellishing using some free motion couching mixed in with free motion quilting and thread painting .

The thread I used in this project was Wonderfill tutti, when stitching dome areas I went over the same line of stitching multiple time to add a nice effect and allow the thread to stand out more against the dark charcoal grey background, once I was happy with my embellishing I then I turn it into a diary cover, I love how this project finished up and wish I had more time to play around with free motion clutching more often!

I hope today’s blog post has inspired you to play around with some embellishing on your next project! be sure to check in to the house at Jackson blog tomorrow for Day 8 of the 12 days of inspiration!

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