Day 6 - Quilting with my nan - 12 days of inspiration

Hello and welcome to the 12 days of inspiration! I can’t believe today is actually DAY 6 Already! In today’s blog post I would like to inspire you to sew with someone special and create special memories & special quilts along the way! First up I’ll be showing you some quilts that me and my Nan have made starting with a quilt that has 1200 pieces!

We made this quilt together after I said to my nan "let’s make a quilt together" she said sure lets do it! I told nan you can pick the pattern you wish to make......well I partly regret that decision now because after I spent too long in the fabric shop ( I was only there for nearly 2 hours, that's normal right? ) with my nan had managed to find the patterns & book section where she found a quilt she liked in one of the books then said Jackson I found a quilt we’re going to make it this one here as she showed me the page in the bool I looked in complete shock! I looked at the amount of fabric different fabric requirements along with how many pieces the quilt required after getting over the shock I said you know what let’s make this Nan! & let’s make some special memories while we make the Quilt!

Shortly after we decided to make a quilt together I spent the weekend visiting here in walcha where we made the quilt top during my stay, after making our fabric choices and doing all the cutting we began piecing the blocks together and I was showing nan some tips and tricks along the way on how to get nice finishes within her blocks. here are some joyful photos of me and my nan making the blocks

After Making all the blocks together Nan said "Jack can you put Them blocks together for me?" I said "I can but.....I want you to give it ago because you can do it" so after I showed her how to layout the blocks & join them she decided to add a border to help make the centre really stand out. Once she was happy with how quilt top looked she said "Jackson I’d love you to quilt this quilt for me" my response was, sure be an honour!

For the quilting I decided to do a nice stipple as the fabric and the patchwork were working nicely and I didn’t want to distract from that by adding intricate free motion quilting.

After quoting Nans quilt she asked me could I also bind it, I said sure, no worries at all!

I love how the finished quilt come together but most importantly loved making a quilt together with my nan and make some special memories along the way! And to top it all of we even managed to get a photo together holding the quilt, this quilt now sits on Nans bed as she says " its to special to hide in the cupboard!"

After making the first quilt together Nanny June has since become addicted to patchwork and has gone on to make Manny more quilts today im sharing 4 of them however there are Manny more that i'll share in future blog posts! Next I’d like to show you another quilt me and nan made, this quilt came about after Nanny June said "Jackson can you design a quilt for me?" I said "sure what do you want to have on it" nan thought about it for a bit then said "I like stars...., something fun, I want to use some of my fabrics I have stashed away" i went to my computer getting straight onto it, I designed a few options when presenting my ideas to Nan she wasn’t too keen on the bright options however, she did like the colours featured in the second option which featured some lovely greens, blues, creams and maroons.

After nan liking the second option I wrote a quick how to make the block along with the cutting requirements, A week later nan come to me & said "Jack I I've made the blocks what do you think" words couldn't express how proud of nan I was!

A few weeks later nan come to me & said "Jack I I've made the all the blocks and put the quilt top together, what do you think?" I was actually blown away by it and even got the opportunity to quilt it for nan!

For the Quilting I went for something a little more custom starting with S-curves in the star blocks to create direction, then some people swirls in the background all pulled together with A nice motif in the quarter square triangle blocks

once the quote was Quilted I showed it to Nan, I was quite nervous as I wasn’t sure how she would like the quilting, thankfully she absolutely loved it & thought it made the quilt come to life, making me feel quite proud of the quilting job I’ve done! here is a photo of the finished quilt.