Day 5 - tip Tuesday - 12 days of inspiration

Get ready for some half & quarter square triangle tips in day 5 of the house of Jackson 12 days of inspiration, in todays blog ill be sharing tip Tuesday number 5 where I talk about half and quarter square triangles! the reason I wish to share this tip Tuesday in particular is because its one of my favourite videos I have made.

tip Tuesday #5 is also quiet special to me because it was filmed right at the beginning of the tip Tuesday series I now do, and love to do as I can share my passion plus inspire others creativity!

Watch the video bellow to see tip Tuesday #5

I hope you enjoyed the video & learnt something new! I also do a weekly tip Tuesday to inspire your creativity, the house of Jackson tip Tuesday can be found on my Facebook and instagram under house of Jackson where I also post a new tip Tuesday every Tuesday aimed to inspire your creativity and most impotently keep you inspired & stitching

I also end every tip Tuesday with the phrase STAY SAFE, STAY INSPIRED, STAY STITCHING , this phrase is by far my favourite, especially during these unique time we’re currently living in.

In this blog post, I would like to share with your my meaning behind the phrase.

Stay Safe

Its very important that we keep safe, especially during theses unique times and in general too.

Stay inspired

This is the main reason I do my tip Tuesday videos, to keep you INSPIRED! By sharing my knowlege and passion with you, I fulfil my mission.

Stay Stitching

Well, lets face it any form of stitching whether it be by hand or machine is super relaxing. It’s also a great way to enjoy our spare time, all while creating something special for ourselves or someone we love!

Be sure to tune in every week for my Tip Tuesday

Learn something new and be inspired!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for day 6 of the House of Jackson 12 days of inspiration and while your here be sure to check out my previous blog posts, for more inspiration.

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