Day 4 - disappearing 4 patch - 12 days of inspiration

Hello and welcome thank, you for joining me for a day 4 of the house at Jackson 12 days of inspiration! In today’s inspirational post I’ll be sharing a disappearing 4 patch quilt I made along with another quilt using the same technique but with different a block size & different fabric choices, I hope to inspire you to explore the endless creative possibilities with this project.

To get started I’d like to first show you my quilt I made.

I made this Quilt as I had many lovely citrus colours sitting in my cupboard that I wished to use together, however i struggled to find the perfect project to use them for - that was until I stumbled across a disappearing for patch block, the first thing that came to mind where the fabrics I had in my cupboard paired with a solid white for the background. I thought they would really come to life creating a lovely quilt that’s when I got started on my quilt.

After deciding on fabrics I got right into the cutting, then created the sets of four to then subcut to create the disappearing for patch blocks. I absolutely loved playing around with sub-cutting but most importantly rearranging pieces to create an interesting effect from something that I had previously stitched. when sub-cutting I used my House of Jackson 6" x 24" ruler as it made the whole process stress free mainly because I could make one cut without needing to re-position the ruler

In a way I felt like a magician where I had taken 4 squares sewn together and put it back together to create an illusion

After playing with the lovely citrus coloured fabrics highlighted by the white to create my blocks I joined them into rows then joined the rows creating a eye catching quilt top

Now came time to quilt my quilt, this was again another interesting challenge, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a custom quilting job on it or something organic all over. eventually I decided on doing an organic all over.

I felt this quilt really needed to have a texture as the fabric & patchwork together was already quiet eye catching, I didn’t want to take away from that or overwhelming the effect by going over the top with free motion quilting.

The final quilt is something I’m quite proud of and I absolutely love how all the fabrics in the patchwork really come to live with a solid colour in the background but most importantly I love how the quoting only adds to my quilt with a nice gentle texture that helps enhance the Fabrics used within the quilt.

The Tread used for piecing this project was Wonderfil deco-bob as it helps reduce seam bulk, why you may ask?… Wonderfil deco-bob is an 80wt thread meaning its quiet fine yet still strong, when using the finer thread for piecing the thread doesn’t create much excess bulk like standard threads can, this is more noticeable when working on projects where multiple seams meet. this was also quiet important when it came to quilting as I could simply freely & organically quilt my quilt without stressing about bulky seams.

The thread I used to quilt my quilt was Wonderfill Konfetti as its a lovely solid 50et thread, I chose to use a light yellow to the in with both my fabric and white background, the yellow stitching on the white helped add some interest to the solid white, but most importantly not take away from the quilt top.

I absolutely love the finished project and to top to off I decided to add a nice and neutral grey binding, the binding really helps make the quilt pop and add more interest.

For the backing I chose to use an Australian themed print fabric as I found all the colours worked nicely with my quilt top, plus a nice neutral grey with pops of colour similar to those on the quilt top helped bring it all together making it the perfect backing but most importantly it was one of my Favourite Fabrics I had been keeping in my cupboard waiting for the perfect project to use it with, once I made the quilt top it then had a project to go with it

Next I would like to show another version of the same technique only difference being the block size and fabric choices