Day 3 - Mini 9 - 12 Days of INSPIRATION

Wow, I can’t believe Today is day 3 of the House of Jackson 12 days of inspiration!

Today I would like to show you a mini project I recently made & the journey along the way while creating it!

The project I'll be showing you today is a mini disappearing 9 patch cushion, I made this cushion to try use up some of my smaller scraps as I had noticed my scrap bucket was beginning to overflow and there were a lot of smaller pieces hiding in there too!

I started by cutting some of my scraps into squares then paired them with a lovely off white fabric that then became the background for my cushion, when cutting out I used my 10 1/2” x 5 1/2” ruler. as its perfect for cutting smaller pieces

Once I'd cut all my fabric out I begun to make the sets of nine to then sub-cut, when sub-cutting again I used my 10 1/2” x 5 1/2” ruler.

After sub-cutting the sets I begun to play around with various layouts deciding on a favourite to run with, I love how the layout I chose creates a subtle pattern too!

The Tread used for piecing this project was Wonderfil deco-bob as it helps reduce seam bulk, why you may ask?… Wonderfil deco-bob is an 80wt thread meaning its quiet fine yet still strong, when using the finer thread for piecing the thread doesn’t create much excess bulk like standard threads can, this is more noticeable when working on projects where multiple seams meet.

After making the cushion from top it was time to quilt it, as it was predominantly small piecing, I felt it was only fitting to use a small quilting motif, my choice was a small feather design, I absolutely love how it came up and made the cushion come to life, the Tread used for quilting this project was Wonderfil deco-bob as I wanted to the quilting to only add texture without the tread being to noticeable

Once quilted & trimmed back I decided to add a flap back to create the finished cushion, The Treads used for stitching around my project was Wonderfil konfetti

After completing my cushion it was time to some nice photos, Here’s where things got interesting, first I went to the backyard surprisingly greeted by 2 playful & excited dogs one who ended up photo bombing some of the photos, Holly was way cute in this photo not to share!

In fact there where a few where Holly stole the show, eventually after getting some cute photos I gave in & put the camera down to give her some pats.

After being slightly distracted by the dogs I picked the camera up to get more photos when a bee flew onto the cushion & began to inspect the sweet fabrics i had used. Now normally i would run the other way when i see a bee however this day was different my curiosity kicked in, I began taking photos of the bee instead of the cushion! Hers a few photos I to took of the bee.

finally after getting sidetracked twice, I managed to get some photos of the cushion at long last!

I hope this blog post has inspired your creativity to create something with your scraps!

To celebrate day 3 I