Day 2 - 1 pattern Manny possibilities 12 DAYS OF INSPIRATION

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Today marks day 2 of the House of Jackson 12 days of inspiration!

Today I’ll be showing you 2 table runners made from the same pattern in deferent fabrics, first up is the original version

I made this table runner while writing the pattern “turn tables table runner” for my fabric choices I chose warm colours for the centre blocks ranging from red to yellow matched with a dark blue/purple as my background to help bring the centre to life.

This project I chose to use all batik fabrics, as they all worked well together helping create a neat gradient within my finished project.

For the quilting I chose to do simple rulerwork on all the centre blocks however it could have definitely been done with a walking foot, then in the background I chose quilt strait lines spaced 1/2” apart to create a nice texture that also helps draw the eye to the centre

The Treads used for this project were Wonderfil deco-bob for all my piecing as it helps reduce seam bulk, Wonderfil Tutti for the quilting as its a lovely 50wt variegated thread that worked nicely on the batik fabric I used.

To finish off the table runner I chose to add a facing, this giving my finished project a continued look.

Next l'd like to show a second table runner I made, this version used the same pattern yet looks totally different to the first one I previously showed

In this table runner I have used all printed fabric featuring an off white background sprinkled with a minimal print creating interest matched with 2 contrasting blue fabrics in the centre blocks.

When I chose to use blue with the off white print in my second version I predominately wanted to explore how they worked together when a lot of negative space was involved, I wanted to see if the blues would blend in, however I was pleasantly surprised! They didn’t blend into the background, instead they stood out creating a gorges feature.

Once making the front it was time to quilt my table runner, now anyone who knows me well, knows whenever I see negative space I will go wild with whole cloth free motion quilting to add a texture all while having a lot of fun in the process, and that's exactly what I did here!

The Treads used for this project were Wonderfil deco-bob for all my piecing as it helps reduce seam bulk, Wonderfil Konfetti for the quilting as its a lovely 50wt solid thread helping my free motion quilting pop!

To finish off the table runner I chose to add a binding creating a frame for the piece, I also chose to bind this piece because I previously had only bound quilts with 90degree corner angles, until deciding to challenge myself & bind some 135degree angles, I found it quiet easy plus felt quiet proud of the finished results

This brings me the end for day 2 of my 12 days of inspiration , I hope todays blog inspires you to play with different fabrics & colour selection in your projects, & explore the creative possibility’s within patchwork and quilting, even if you start by playing with different background colours, you’ll begin to notice how it changes how the finished project looks!

I hope To have inspired your creativity by sharing my two projects with you!

If you would like to make your very own table runner, you can find the pattern here

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