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The Story of

I created House of Jackson in mid-2012 after I nailed a challenge from my nan to make a LumberJack Hat, which I then started making and selling to family and friends. In mid-2014, I began to sell a range of cosy, warm hats at the local markets in Armidale and surrounding areas, that put smiles on many people's faces. As the seasons changed, so did my product range which I continued to sell at the markets for a few years.

I don't do as many markets as I once did however, I continued to make high quality products that delight many customers. Over the last 4 years I have also developed a strong passion for patchwork and free motion and I have incorporated this into some of the products that I now sell. This includes quilted pouches and other artistic products that I make as one-off items, which can be found on my website for sale.

I like to share my passion for creativity and two years ago began to do tutorials and teach others across Australia how to sew and quilt. My aim is to make products that brighten your everyday life, with funky fabrics filled with colour and joy. I've also started to design my own patterns and they are available to purchase from my website

Over the years a lot has changed with the House of Jackson brand and I look forward to continuing this ever-growing creative journey and hopefully inspire others. If you want to see where this creativity journey takes me, please follow me on social media or my blog.